Repair & Services


350 hp Low Voltage Stator being Rewound

Rewinds, Mechanical Repairs, Redesigns, Modifications

3PH Induction Motors, Synchronous & Slip Ring Motors, 1PH Motors, DC Motors, Eddy Current Drives, Transformers, Welders, Generators, Specialty Coils, Servo Motors, Electric Chain Hoists





Various types of AC Motors Ready to ship after repair


700hp Vertical Hollow Shaft Pump Motor * 3/4 hp 1ph AC Motor * 200 hp – 900 rpm AC Motor


225 KW DC Motor Field Frame Following Rewind, Ready to assemble

Mechanical Repair Service

Machine Shop Services, Flame Spray Remetallization, Dynamic Balancing.

Pumps, Gearboxes, Blowers, Base Plates, Shafts, Rolls, Impellers, Component Repair, Modifications, Fabrication of Unavailable Renewal Parts.

Flame Spray Remetallization process being used to build up pump shaft impeller fits. The New shaft was 3-4 weeks

delivery from OEM. Machining a new shaft locally was 6-7 hours on rush overtime. This shaft was repaired in 2 1/2 hours during regular time, saving the customers hours in down time.



Waste water treatment cutter head die was machined from scratch. A renewal unit was unavailable from the manufacturer.


300 hp Crusher Motor Rotor during dynamic balancing.

On Site Services

Motor Testing, Alignment, Balancing, Vibration Analysis, Apparatus Removal & Reinstallation, Brush Checks.