Service Solution

Why deal with a distributor who cannot service the products they sell or has to rely on others to perform for them.  We offer product knowledge, service, repair and support, all in house.

Why Rebuild?

Rebuilding requires less energy and produces less waste than manufacturing new products.Rebuilding can yield significant cost savings over sourcing new products.  Often modifications and redesigns can be incorporated into the rebuild that is not available from the manufacturer – improving reliability.

Failure analysis during rebuilds can reveal external installation and process problems that can be corrected before re-installation – improving reliability and up time.

Many installations will not allow you to sub different products in because of the retro fit cost.  Rebuilding your unit avoids this problem.

Most manufacturers produce multitudes of their product on an assembly line – quality can become statistical in nature and in many cases is attended to by unskilled labour.  During the rebuild process we concentrate on your job only and the work is performed by skilled individuals.

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