Dynamometer Load Testing


DC Motor Set Up For Test

We offer dynamometer full load testing of your critical AC and DC motors up to 250HP. Our variable voltage test panel has AC outputs up to 4160/3/60, and up to 550VDC. Larger motors can benefit from partial tests such as 25%, 50% etc.

Our AW Dynamometer utilizes a sophisticated water cooled brake system, where load is transmitted to a load cell. The load cell torque, HP, RPM are monitored and can be printed out.

A wide variety of different frame sizes can be accommodated with our T-Slot base and adjustable coupling height. A large variety of couplings are kept on hand in order to fit all shaft sizes.

Load testing can help detect and diagnose; Air gap problems, noise problems, arcing and brush wear, looseness, defective rotor bars, and electrical vibrations.