Site Services

Not all equipment can be removed from a site for testing and repairs, especially if it is contributing to ongoing production. We can visit your facility to maintain, trouble-shoot, repair, or extend the service life of your critical equipment.

Vibration Analysis and route based vibration data collection and trending for predictive maintenance.

With our Emerson Process Management hardware (2120 Analyser) and software (AMS Suite) we can take vibration readings and perform analysis to investigate the cause of excessive vibration and noise such as; imbalance, misalignment, damaged components such as bearings, gears, defective coupling elements, looseness, resonance etc. We can help you develop a plan of action to solve your problem. Our software can also be used to take repeated readings over months to develop trends and predict failure of rotating machinery. We can develop a vibration analysis program, assess risk, take readings, set alarm levels and make reports which can be used to increase machinery uptime and reduce unplanned outages.

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Laser Shaft Alignment

Shaft misalignment is a leading cause of excessive vibration and mechanical stress leading to bearing, seal and other component failure in rotating machinery. Precise shaft alignment is critical for the reliability of most rotating equipment such as compressors, high pressure blowers and vacuums, gearboxes, and centrifugal pumps. With our Damalini laser alignment equipment we can align your machinery trains on site or in our shop


Imbalance in machinery is a major cause of vibration in rotating equipment leading to rapid failure. Imbalance can commonly be a result of “thrown” weights, process erosion (or build up), assembly tolerance stacking, eccentricity, missing fan blades, shaft components not being centred on a shaft. If the equipment cannot be easily removed from the site, or be offline for extended periods of time we can visit your facility to perform field balancing of the equipment. New equipment such as fans and blowers (or replacement props and blower wheels) often have to be trim balanced following their first installation. We are equipped with two Emerson Process analyser/balancer packages allowing us to balance multiple machines at the same time.

Carbon brush preventative maintenance

If your motors have carbon brushes, commutators, and slip-rings it is important that they be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Our technicians can replace and seat brushes, monitor brush wear, adjust holders, install new springs, and make minor repairs to commutators and slip rings at your site. Commutation and wear problems can be addressed with the help of our carbon brush vendors.

Motor winding testing

With our Electrom winding analyzer we can visit your motor installation to perform a winding analysis. We can test down to the individual turns in windings and the insulation between them with a surge comparison test. We can also test your insulation resistance, perform a high potential test (Hi-Pot), and test the phase balance and circuit resistance.

Motor troubleshooting

Pumps, Fans, Blowers; seal/packing/bearing change outs, site repairs and maintenance and lubrication issues.