Electrical Machinery

AC and DC Motors and Generators Overhauls, Rewinding, and Testing

(Authorized Warranty services to most major makes (GE, Teco-Westinghouse, Baldor, Reliance, Marathon, etc. )

Motor Repair; An original specialty

AC 1ph, 3ph, Synchronous, Slip-Ring, Generators, DC Motors, Magnets, Clutches, Brakes,

Our typical process involves documentation and assessment, identification of customer requirements or problems. Motors typically are degreased and grit blasted, internal parts are dimension and fit checked. Rotors and armatures have total indicated runout measured. Windings and cores are tested with a variety of instruments testing; winding resistance, insulation resistance, high-potential, surge, and lamination condition. Windings are then washed /degreased, dried out and re-tested. We can epoxy spray, brush or re-dip windings as necessary. If a Rewind is necessary the varnish and old insulation is removed with a temperature controlled burn off oven. Winding data is carefully checked against our existing data base, and compared to OEM data. We insulate using class F or H materials and use inverter duty wire. Coils are wound (or sourced in the case of form winding) using a variety of different methods and are installed manually. The varnish is applied by dip and bake, varnish, or pour on epoxy, VPI treatment is available also. Our in-house machine shop can repair housings, shaft/journal bearing fits, seal surfaces, turn and undercut commutators and slip rings, using a variety of techniques such as re-bushing, and spray metallizing. The reassembly procedure begins with dynamic balancing all rotating elements, replacement of bearings and seals/gaskets. Once assembled the windings are then re-tested, and motor are run tested at full voltage / full speed noting, voltage amperage, vibration, and bearing temperatures. Short-time Full load testing can be performed for certain speed/hp combinations upon request with our dynamometer.