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This was a new one – two flashes of the green light followed by a… Read More »Rheem Furnace Two Blinking Lights – Pressure Switch Open It seems that when the thermostadt calls for heat, the aux heat light comes on. The Rheem air sourced heat pump water heater has a Rheemglas ... 1 x Red Flash (Solid Green LED) –If the green LED is emitting a solid glow and the red LED is flashing a single flash, this does not necessarily mean there may be a fault with the water heater. The power to the unit is on and when I push the relay contacts together, the fan comes on but not otherwise. When you see the red flashing light, it is usually in a diagnostic feature to alert the HVAC repair technician to what the problem is. Rheem Manufacturing ranks as the global leader in the manufacture of high-quality, sustainable, and innovative water heaters, tankless water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, pool heaters, and HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications, and is a full member of AHRI, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute. Refer I’ve had some success troubleshooting in the past, thanks to the internet. C Flashing: Anti-short cycle timer (3 minutes) or Minimum run timer (30 seconds) active: The unit has received a command for second stage cooling during an active anti-short cycle timer or minimum run timer. Thermostat red light flashing or stays on: When the thermostat light (Emergency Heat Light) is flashing or on during normal operation (whether in the cooling or the heating mode, but not the Emergency Heat mode), this usually indicates that the outdoor unit is "locked-out". Generally the code is between two and nine and it will keep repeating the flashing code. I do have a multi meter I have a Rheem heatpump model #RP1530BJINA and I have a red light flashing on circuit board, can't seem to find reset buttom on this unit. Unlike many other furnaces, Rheem ones don’t use flashing LED light sequences to indicate errors, and the display will instead give you a simple code you can use for diagnostics. WARNING A flashing red light on the heat pump/ defrost control indicates a call for unit operation is present at the heat pump/defrost control The heat pump/defrost control will attempt to start unit after the anti-short cycle time expires, when a high or low pressure control automatically resets, or when the Rheem Water Heater Troubleshooting. No Hot Water . The temp today is about 50 and there is a smaller Rheem heat pump right next to it that is running fine. Contractor's Assistant: How old is your Rheem heat pump? I found after performing step 7, the ceramic impeller (brown fan wheel) had sheared off the impeller body. My Rheem Heat pump (Manf. All electric water heaters and gas heaters that use electricity: The first … Is it connected to a power switch (on the wall or in the air handler cabinet)? h - First Stage Heat Pump Occasionally this warning may be triggered by warm weather conditions and resetting the system can solve the problem. 2009) would run for less than a minute and then stop with a flashing red light that you can only notice underneath the cover to the control board. Wait unit timer has expired or press the TEST button to defeat short cycle delay. Here are tips for solving your Rheem water heater problem or deciding to call a Rheem service company to handle the repair. Thursday October 26, 2017 Yesterday the furnace stopped providing heat. My Rheem furnace has an indicator light that will flash different codes based on what the problem is. Page 13 If the water is being heated to 70°C, the ambient air temperature has not fallen below 3°C to 5 °C, the heat pump has not been operating and the red LED is flashing, phone your nearest Rheem Service Department or Accredited Service Agent to arrange for an inspection. For instance, 0 means the unit is in standby, while H means the heat is on. Troubleshooting the emergency blinking light on your thermostat solves the lock-out problem.

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