how much does it cost to put a hamster down

It may be of some benefit to call vets in your area to get an idea of how much this will cost, some clinics charge a reduced rate because the animals are so small. My hamster chewed off her leg an i need to put her down. I suppose around the same it cost me to put a hamster down. Adult Dwarf hamsters are smaller, will only reach 2-3 inches long, and cost just $4 to $13. There's a small variation depending on whether the pet is bought from a store or a breeder and how many pups are on hand at the moment. I think it’s free for such a small animal. Can it be done in my home? The cheapest option was in London, Ont., with a cost of $258 for a standard procedure, including basic pain medication, intravenous fluids and blood work. He also has a good risk of not making it through. recent questions recent answers. I had to put down my hamster due to several cancerous growths in his body. the awnser to your question is £2.70 but you didn't put down the size how much does it cost to put a tooth on a partial? How much does a hamster cost? The vet charged me for a regular exam first, and the actual cost of putting her down was around $25. 2 Answers. The magic word, I believe, ENTER !!! Extras Your hamster will probably feel a little groggy right after surgery, so it may not want to eat much at home. For more information, see How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost. The porn industry is worth an estimated massive $97 ... there’s more pressure for performers to do extreme sex acts that put them at a higher risk of injury or disease—but the demand won’t stop there. While things may seem a little simpler for hamster because of their small size, there are a lot of little things to consider, be it in buying, in choosing the right ones, or the maintenance it entails. I don’t think it costs very much, if they charge at all. If money is a concern most if not all veterinarians will euthanize an animal for free if it is suffering. I wanted to get his tumor removed, but I'm only 14, and don't have money to pay for it. Your hamster has become an important part of your life, so it can be hard to see him suffer when he is sick. Quirkier options for the pet's remains include a ceremonial balloon ash disposal, offered by Eternal Ascent for $250. He has a large blad spot on his neck, and is almost 2 1/2 years old. Answer (1 of 31): Do not attempt to kill your hamster at home. depends on where u live , sorry to hear that. Gerbils cost between $5 and $10. The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. I just rescued a Syrian hamster where the owner knew she was ill and couldn’t afford medical treatment. UCAS uk application- How do I enter my U.S. grades? 7 years ago. It wasn’t always that way, so let’s break down the basics. How much will it cost to feed your hamster? For many families, hamsters are a fun first pet to introduce children to the responsibilities of animal care. All she may have needed is antibiotics. They have a life expectancy of 2 to 3 years. How much does it cost to put a dog down? Hamsters may also require medical care, which can provide an additional expense. What do you normally do in your spare time ? depends on … Hamster Questions. You can save money by signing up for repeat deliveries with many pet stores. My hamster chewed off her leg an i need to put her down. Drained up 3cc of fluid and it was thin yellow fluid. Update: In english please, ie. Employees cost a lot more than their salary. The costs given below are for keeping one syrian hamster or two dwarf hamsters. How much does it cost to put a hamster down? Categories Cute cat Images. I always wondered why people say that when referring to pets lol. Another hamster who needed a giant abcess removed from it's face needed to be anethatised first, so that plus antibiotics and a post op check cost us £20-30. None of the methods listed above are humane and could be considered animal cruelty. Favourite answer. ), Applying to uni? How Much Does Hamster Food Cost? The Right Time To Euthanize Your Dog. most vets would do it but you would have to call to see how much. Thats what cost the most. Why is their hardly any Hispanics in the UK? Category: Pet. The vets in Indonesia are cheap compared to the UK, and it cost about 25,000 Rp (less than 2 quid). 2404. When you bring home a new hamster, give it a week or so to adjust to its new home and surroundings before you try to do much handling. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. Is your dog insured? Best of luck Best thing to ask your vet, I think different vets have different costs. 1 decade ago. 18 April 2014 at 11:42AM. Answer Save. I have a kitten who just recently got FIP and some sort of blockage. If money is a concern most if not all veterinarians will euthanize an animal for free if it is suffering. document.write(today.getFullYear()); Like this post? He just took x ray no blood tests. Most pet hamsters eat a combination of commercial hamster food and people food treats like fruits and vegetables. Well done for doing the right thing by him rather than attempting to cling on and have him suffer. (Start typing, we will pick a forum for you), Taking a break or withdrawing from your course, Housing a Canary bird & Syrian Hamster together (need advice). The vet is not ready to put him down saying that he is not sure either it's FIP or blockage. , for example, makes urns that cost between $25 and $200 and come in wood, ceramic and metal varieties. i have a cheep awnswer, you may not like it , if you live on a farm shoot it, if you live in the city rat piosen. If your hamster has become so sick that he no longer seems to be enjoying his life, it will be time for you to make the decision to euthanize him. Once removed she’ll spend another 10-14 days confined for further healing after the surgery. Will it hurt? One gerbil of my gerbils has a tumor, and is losing his fur.